miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

My Future Plans... After Graduation

When I get my degree from URBE, I hope to find a good job. I will work in a big company and, earn enough money to spend. I will pay my children’s educations and, I will help to my husband with the household expenses. I will travel around the world and, I would like to visit Europe.

My University (URBE)

URBE is located on the corner (Extension Circunvalación  2 with Guajira avenue), near to the Plaza de Toros, Maracaibo. There are seven buildings, computer labs, a big library, a big parking, and places to eat fast food. Also, URBE has a health services building that is very important.  I thing that my university is beautiful and very big. 

“Maracaibo is the best”

I think that Maracaibo is the best city in the world. Like a gaita song said: “this is the most beautiful city that in the continent exist… it has a lake, China, and bridge… Gaita and hospitality… has the hot and, the most high quality people”. It is located to the north-west of Venezuela. This city is called “The land of sun lover”. There are many places where you can get fun and share. For example, “La Vereda del Lago” is one of beautiful place to share with family and friends. 

My Neighborhood

My neighborhood is a beautiful place located in San Jacinto. It’s quiet… well, sometime.  People there are very friendly and honest. Every weekend, my neighbors make a party. The transportation system is direct and safe. My neighborhood has some stores where you can buy fast food, ice cream… and another thing that you can need like beers. So, if you visit my neighborhood, you will want to live there.

My Errands

Monday to friday I get up al 6:00 am. I take a shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, and cook my breakfast family. Then, I take my children to their school. After that, I take a bus to go to URBE. Around 11:00 am, I go to my children’s school, take my children and go home to have a lunch together. In the afternoon, I return to URBE because, I have class to 8:00 pm.  Finally, I go to my bed at 11:00 pm.

Saturday and sunday are my favorites days. This days I get up late, my children don’t go to their school so, I don’t have to cook. I don’t go to URBE. I spend my time with my family and friend.